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Wayne-Dalton Model 523 Security Shutter Doors

Wayne-Dalton Model 523 Security Shutter Doors

Wayne Dalton’s Model 523 are attractive security shutters for areas where aesthetics are a valued premium. These security shutters have a compact design and come pre-assembled for easy installation in areas with low headroom and sideroom requirements. Model 523 is perfect for pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools and other retail facilities.

  • Max Width: 20' (6,096 mm)
  • Max Height: 14’ (4,267 mm)
  • Mounting: Face-of-wall or between jambs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Curtain: Interlocking extruded aluminum slats constructed of .05 " aluminum
  • Brackets: Steel plates powder coated to match curtain color
  • Counterbalance: steel barrel; housing spring assembly
  • Hood: Aluminum square hood; powser coated to match curtain
  • Bottom Bar: Compact aluminum with vinyl bulb seal power coated to match curtain
  • Guides: Extruded aluminum channels with continuous wear strips. Powder coated to match curtain.
  • Locking: Slide bolts; interior coiling side, both left and right
  • Operation: manual push up 

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