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Wayne-Dalton Model 500 Commercial Rolling Shutters

Wayne-Dalton Model 500 Commercial Rolling Shutters

Wayne Dalton’s Model 500 Rolling Counter Shutters provide the perfect solution for smaller openings that require visually appealing access control. This shutter is designed to be utilized in those applications that incorporate counter tops or openings that require the shutter to rest on a sill. With several different modes of operation including lift-up, crank and motor, our counter shutter is the preferred solution for your application. Whether it’s a concession stand, accounts payable window, sports arena or school food service, Our Model 500 doors are the rolling counter shutters of choice.

  • Max Height: 7’ (2,133 mm)
  • Max Width: 18' (5,486mm) up to 20' (6,096 mm)
  • Mounting: Face mount; between jambs
  • Operation: Manual push-up
  • Curtain: 2" galvanized steel flat slats (#17 profile), primed and painted gray, white, brown or beige; 22-gauge steel with alternating endlocks.
  • Locking: Curtain is to be locked at each end of the bottom bar by concealed slide bolts.
  • Bottom Bar: Single angle galvanized steel bottom bar fitted with a continuous vinyl bumper to protect countertop
  • Guides: Extruded aluminum clear anodized with continuous wool pile strips
  • Brackets: Steel plates, factory-painted black
  • Counterbalance: Steel pipe, factory painted black, of adequate size to restrict a maximum deflection of .033" per linear foot; oil tempered torsion type
  • Hood: 24-gauge galvanized steel square hood; primed and painted gray
  • Warranty: 12 months

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