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Wayne-Dalton FireStar Model 700 Commercial Rolling Door

Wayne-Dalton FireStar Model 700 Commercial Rolling Door

The FireStar Model 700 Rolling Steel Fire Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. FireStar doors can be drop-tested and reset at any time by anyone, thanks to a standard auto-reset feature. This rolling steel fire door features a forward-thinking design that outperforms industry standard fire doors in all areas, including auto-reset testing capability; smooth, quiet operation; and reliable, long-lasting performance.

  • Max Height: 24’ (7,315.2 mm)
  • Max Width: 24’ (7,7315.2 mm)
  • Max Square Foot: 324 sq. ft.
  • Material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Curtain: Interlocking roll-formed slats with alternate slats fitted with metal endlocks / windlocks
  • Operation: Lift-up standard. Chain hoist included on sizes that require it
  • Bottom Bar: Two equal angles, 0.121" min thickness, to stiffen curtain
  • Brackets: Enclose ends of coil and provide support for counterbalance pipe at each end. Fabricate of steel plates with permanently sealed ball bearing
  • Counter Balance: Curtain to be correctly balanced by helical springs, oil tempered torsion type. Cast iron barrel plugs will be used to anchor springs to tension shaft and pipe 20,000 cycle
  • Hood: Minimum 24-gauge galvanized or stainless steel hood fabricated of sheet metal, flanged at top for attachment to header and flanged at bottom to provide lonitudinal stiffness
  • Finish: Rust inhibitive primer or non-galvanized surfaces and operating mechanisms. Guides and brackets will be coated with a flat black prime paint.
  • Operator Options: Chain Hoist with gear drive reduction, wall crank box, motor operation, motor operation with electrical sensing edge, motor operation with pneumatic sensing edge
  • Release Mechanism: FireStar release mechanism standard on doors up to 24' x 24'
  • Mounting: Structural drive, drywall over wood stud jamb, drywall over 16-gauge steel stud jamb.

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