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Rytec Spiral LP High-Performance Door

Rytec Spiral LP High-Performance Door

Combining a low profile side column design with a low headroom configuration the Spiral® LP (Low Profile) door offers high performance and speed for high-traffic situations with limited space. This reduced profile can benefit many parking garages and other commercial structures. The Spiral LP low-profile high-performance door has sleek, crisp lines. It also features rigid, aluminum slats for strength, eliminating the need for a second security door.

  • Low profile side columns require only 6.5 inches of side room clearance.

  • Special track design allows a door to fit with as little as 10 inches of headroom clearance.

  • Quiet, low maintenance spring-less operation.

  • Double walled aluminum slats, integral rubber weatherseals and heavy-duty hinge system provide solid security.

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