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Rytec PredaCool High-Performance Door

Rytec PredaCool High-Performance Door

With increased opening speeds, a heavy-duty curtain, and Rytec reliability, the PredaCool is specifically designed for high-traffic, cold room door applications where downtime isn't an option. Since the door is engineered for coolers, this break-away fabric door helps maintain critical temperatures while improving productivity and reducing energy and maintenance costs. 

Rytec's PredaCool offers high performance for controlled interior applications where dependability is essential. The PredaCool can be built up to 12' wide x 15' high.

  • Durable 85.5 oz, 3-ply door panel eliminates the need for wind ribs and allows for increased operating speeds. 

  • Quick-Set™ repair system allows the operator to reset the door after aligning the bottom bar.

  • Variable speed AC drive and intelligent controller minimize unnecessary door wear and extend the longevity of the door.

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