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Rytec Pharma-Seal® High Performance Door

Rytec Pharma-Seal® High Performance Door

Engineered to comply with cGMP guidelines, the Pharma-Seal is the tightest sealing, most reliable, high-performance pharmaceutical clean room door available. The simple design is fully enclosed with stainless steel side columns and head assembly without any external parts, making it easy to clean. Engineered for pharmaceutical environments a flush membrane switch and flush manual release handle are standard. Hands free wave-to-open options are available.

As the ideal pharmaceutical door, the Pharma-Seal is also suited for and food and beverage processing applications, the Pharma-Seal can be built up to 10' wide x 10' high.

  • Benefits

    • With only a 3/8-inch gap for the door panel, hidden wind knobs seal the perimeter and withstand negative pressure.

    • Variable speed AC drive enables opening speeds up to 50 inches per second and provides uninterrupted facility operations.

    • Using all USDA/FDA-compliant materials, the Pharma-Seal is engineered to provide unprecedented reliability in class-rated environments.

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