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Rytec Fast-Seal High Performance Door

Rytec Fast-Seal High Performance Door

The Fast-Seal door was the first high-speed industrial door that could take a hit without suffering damage. The Break-Away™ bottom bar along with the patented System II™ counterbalance and tension system is why the Fast-Seal remains unmatched in the commercial roll-up door industry today. Its dependability and durability keep the Fast-Seal moving and operations flowing with little downtime or maintenance needed.

  • Benefits

    • Built to withstand pressure and winds using the System II independent counterbalance and tensioning system.

    • Patented Break-Away bottom bar can be reset in just seconds, without tools.

    • Standard 3-ply panel comes with a five-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on counterweights and tension springs.

    • AC drive and counterbalanced door design allow for greater operating speeds, up to 50 inches per second. 

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