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Raynor RapidCoil RC100 High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor RapidCoil RC100 High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s RapidCoil RC100 is engineered for small- to medium-interior technology applications, up to 12’ wide and 12’ high. The RC100 high speed fabric door is designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe and durable option for even the most rugged applications. The specially modified zipper sealing and inner guide technology provide a large area of travel allowing the door to operate in the harshest industrial environments.

Mount   Interior
Configuration   Single Door
Minimum Size   3′ x 7′
Maximum Size   12′ x 12′
Operation   By gravitational force with a flexible ballast
Opening Speed   Up to speeds of 48 in/sec
Closing Speed   24 in/sec
Drive   Left or Right Hand
Wind Resistance   Up to 18 MPH operational

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