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Wayne-Dalton High Speed Heavy Duty Fabric Doors Model 884 ADV-Xtreme

Wayne-Dalton High Speed Heavy Duty Fabric Doors Model 884 ADV-Xtreme

The heaviest fabric door in the ADV-Xtreme series, Model 884 ADV-Xtreme is designed for exterior applications where weather elements may be extreme. The patent-pending articulating roller wind strut reduces noise and allows the door to operate under wind load.

This door’s strutted design allows for quick section replacement, while reducing curtain deflection under pressure. This door is capable of withstanding pressure of up to 22.0 psf. Model 884 ADV-Xtreme is also designed to be low maintenance and includes such features as breakaway impact detection and push button self-repair, along with plug and play wiring.

  • Openings: Exterior
  • Max Height: 18’ at 24' wide / 20' at 23' wide
  • Max Width: 24’
  • Max Opening speed: up to 55” per second
  • Max Closing speed: up to 40” per second
  • Break away self-reset
  • Wind load*: up to 22.0 psf
  • Hinged Wind Strut: 4" articulating hinged roller wind strut 
  • Curtain Material: 3 layers of PVC-coated polyester with 2 layers of polyester weave
  • Operation: direct-drive motor and gearbox system with field changeable universal handling and door stop safety device
  • Control Panel: variable frequency drive NEMA 4X cULus listed; Onboard self diagnostic and service reminder; Built-in padlockable fused disconnect
  • Obstruction Safety Detection: Infrared sensors mounted in-plane to the door curtain at 18" and 50"-54" from floor
  • Reversing Safety Edge: Wireless reversing edge
  • Available Supply Voltages: 190-207V AC 3PH†, 208-245V AC 3PH, 456-495V AC 3PH, 575V AC 3PH†
  • Hinged Guides: Provide easy access for maintenance

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