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Wayne-Dalton High Speed Fabric Doors Model 883 ADV-Xtreme

Wayne-Dalton High Speed Fabric Doors Model 883 ADV-Xtreme

Made of a rugged fabric material, Wayne Dalton’s Model 883 ADV-Xtreme strutted high speed fabric door is designed for applications where a fast-acting exterior door is needed.

Model 883 ADV-Xtreme’s strutted design allows for quick section replacement, while reducing curtain deflection under pressure. This door is capable of withstanding pressure of up to 19.5 psf. Model 883 ADV-Xtreme is designed to be low maintenance and includes such features as breakaway impact detection and push button self-repair, along with plug and play wiring.

  • Max Height: 20’
  • Max Width: 20’
  • Max Opening speed: up to 65” per second
  • Max Closing speed: up to 40” per second
  • Bottom bar break away
  • Wind load*: up to 19.5 psf
  • Curtain Material: 3 layers of PVC-coated polyester with 2 layers of polyester weave
  • Header braces: multiple braces across entire width strengthen and combat sagging
  • Hood: protection from debris and moisture
  • Wind Struts - metal struts and roller windlocks
  • Operation: direct-drive motor and gearbox system with field changeable universal handling and door stop safety device
  • Control Panel: variable frequency drive NEMA 4X cULus listed; Onboard self diagnostic and service reminder; Built-in padlockable fused disconnect.
  • Obstruction Safety Detection: Infrared sensors mounted in-place to the door curtain at 18" and 50"-54" from floor
  • Reversing Safety Edge: Wireless reversing edge
  • Available Supply Voltages: 110-120V AC 1PH, 190-207V AC 1PH†, 208-245V AC 1PH, 190-207V AC 3PH†, 208-245V AC 3PH, 456-495V AC 3PH, 575V 3PH†
  • Hinged Guides: Provide easy access to maintenance

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