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McGuire TS500 CWT Adjustable Head

McGuire TS500 CWT Adjustable Head

The TS500 series dock seal with foam side pads and a counterweighted adjustable curtain head provides excellent sealing characteristics to accommodate high volume traffic with differing trailer heights. Two high quality side pads combine with manually positioned head pad to seal a variety of trailers. This model allows you to position the head pad on a vertical track. A standard 12" high foam head pad is mounted on a heavy gauge steel pan. A wide selection of highly durable fabrics and additional wear surfaces are available to maximize durability. A variety of pad width, projections, tapers and bevel shapes assure customer satisfaction.


  • Specifications

    • Accommodates Varying Trailer Heights
    • Yellow Guide Stripes to Assist Positioning of Trailers
    • Standard 12” High Head Pad, mounted on Galvanized Steel Frame that Travels in Slide Tracks
    • All Pads Are Vented for Air Release When Compressed
    • Normal 18” Head Pad Travel Accommodates Most Trailers, Optional Travels Available
    • Highly Resilient, Endurance Tested Foam
    • Full-Width Follower Curtain Attached in Adjustable Head Pad Closes Off the Opening Automatically
    • Foam is Chemically Welded to Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Lumber
    • Galvanized metal Hood Encloses & Protects the Counterbalanced Mechanism
    • Wide Selection of Highly Durable Fabrics & Wear Surfaces to Maximize Durability

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