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McGuire TC300 Flexible Steel Frame
  • McGuire TC300 Flexible Steel Frame

    The TC 300 series flexible steel frame dock shelter services a wide variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer. The flexible steel X arm frame yields to misguided vehicles and aids in the prevention of costly building and shelter damage. If an off-center trailer contacts the frame it moves upwards and back to prevent potential damage to the wall and/or shelter. After the vehicle leaves the X arm design returns the frame to its original position. The top is raked to promote drainage and top and sides are covered with a translucent fabric to protect from the elements and permit light to enter. Two steel protectors and bottom draft pads are standard.

    • Specifications

      • Services a Wide Range of Vehicle Traffic with Varying Widths and Heights
      • Yellow Guide Stripes to Assist Positioning of Trailers
      • Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Lumber Frame, Galvanized Steel Tube Framing and X-Arm Sides with Raked Header
      • Foam Bottom Draft Pads At Each Side Help Prevent Air Flow Into the Loading Dock Area
      • Flexible Translucent Covering to Provide Protection from the Elements & Admit Light
      • Wide Selection of Highly Durable Fabrics & Wear Surfaces to Maximize Durability
      • 2 Added Layers of Fabric on Side Curtains Reinforce Bottom & Prolong Life
      • Steel Bumper Stop Assembly to Assist in Protecting the Shelter From Misguided Trailers
      • Provides Near Full Access to Interior of Trailer

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