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McGuire MP Mechanical Leveler

McGuire MP Mechanical Leveler

The MP Series mechanical dock leveler design allows finger tip release pull chain activation with smooth reliable operation via a cam and roller counterbalance to assure smooth dependable walk down to trailer bed with below dock capability included. The hold down design floats with air ride trailers and the full width rear compression hinge is designed for superior strength.

  • Specifications

    • Simple operation with a cam and roller counterbalance system that assures smooth dependable walk down
    • Full-width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural channel support
    • Unique hold-down assembly provides full float and automatic release capability with air ride trailers
    • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/Tagout compliant with lip support strut that also allows servicing of the lip
    • Easy pull-chain activation with fingertip release
    • B410-14 Laminated Dock Bumpers
    • Positive lip extension with yieldable lip
    • Below dock end load capability
  • Warranty

    1 year warranty

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