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Dorma Kaba 7400 Series door closer

Dorma Kaba 7400 Series door closer

The 7400 Series door closer is featuring backcheck and adjustable spring sizes thus being the ideal solution in a wide variety of applications, including barrier-free. This Grade 1 hydraulic surface door closer is both flexible and easy to install. The 7400 Series offers a compact design and is available in a variety of sprayed finishes to complement any opening’s decor.

  • Features

    Modern styling

    The 7400 Series closers offer modern styling and versatility while providing safe and reliable door control.

    Controlled opening with backcheck feature

    The 7400 Series features an adjustable backcheck, which provides cushioning when the door is abusively opened.


    The 7400 Series is designed to provide a highly flexible door control system suitable for use on all hollow metal, aluminum, and wood doors typically used in commercial construction.

    Constant speeds

    The 7400 Series closer has two independent valves to separately control sweep and latch closing speeds and provide constant speeds when temperatures change.

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