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The Importance of Maintaining a Cool Garage

Staying cool on a hot summer day can be challenging, but we can enjoy a nice air-conditioned home to keep us cool. Our garages do not always have that luxury, but here are some garage cooling tips to help you make it through the summer heat.

Advantages of Keeping a Garage Cool

A cooler garage offers many advantages for homeowners. One of the main reasons to maintain a cool garage is to help protect your belongings. Higher temperatures and humidity can result in permanent damage such as a risk of rust. The second advantage of a cool garage is that you can use that area as a cool comfortable space. It can be used for working out, relaxing, or any other hobbies you need the extra space for.

Garage Cooling Strategies for Summer

The key to keeping your garage cool during the summer is air circulation. To make sure you have good circulation it is important to place fans in strategic areas such as windows and doors around the garage. If you have windows within the garage place a fan in the window to force the hot air out. Other ways to keep your garage cool may be a little more costly than a fan. Installing a mini-split air conditioner, creating ventilation from the attic, or placing a window air conditioner if you have access to a window in your garage are all ways that ventilation can be added. InsInsulated garage doors are another answer to maintaining a cool garage. No matter what option you choose it is important to protect your belongings by remembering these cooling strategies for the rest of summer!


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