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How to Keep Your Garage Protected During Vacation

With summertime upon us, it also means time for a vacation. Summer is the most popular time to go enjoy days off. For many leaving your home unattended can cause stress, as you may fear burglars breaking in. Here are tips to secure your garage door while you are away, that will surely relieve any stress you may have while on a vacation.

Tip number one is to start securing your garage from the inside. Depending on your garage door opener some have built-in security cameras that show the live footage right to your phone. It may be worth the extra money to invest in a smart garage door opener. The newer models have safety features to secure your garage door. If you have an older model a good tip is to unplug your opener. Unplugging your operator disables all remotes and ensures the garage door cannot be opened from the outside. Be sure to look at your owner's manual before performing this step.

Tip number two, if your garage door has a lock go ahead and lock your door. If you have an electric operator then most likely your garage door will not have a lock on it. For extra security, you can always install your own lock along with the security of your operator. If you do have a lock be sure it is unlatched when trying to open your garage door or it will damage the door and operator.

Tip number three for securing your garage door is to install motion lights around the garage. Motion detected lights discourage intruders as they illuminate your house when something is detected. In a well-lit neighborhood burglars and intruders are less likely to approach your home as the lights will discourage them from targeting your home.

Following these tips, it will relieve you of any stress you may have while on vacation. Now you can enjoy your vacation and ensure your home is secure!


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