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The Importance of Overhead Door Maintenance

Overhead doors are important for ensuring your business is operating smoothly daily, so it is important to make sure you take the time needed to ensure you give your doors proper maintenance. Commercial overhead doors go through more wear and tear compared to residential doors, as they are opened more than doubled the amount a regular residential garage door opens. Therefore, proper maintenance of your doors is important to ensure everything runs smoothly and you do not lose any time or money if your door breaks.  

Proper maintenance not only ensures the smooth operation of your business but also ensures the safety of your workers and the safety of your products. If your door is not maintained properly, you risk putting your employees at risk of injury as well as the risk of thieves breaking into your business if your door is not closing properly 

The best way for ensuring the life span of your door is through preventative maintenance and routine inspections. Moreover, annual inspection and maintenance can ensure: 

  • You And Your Employees’ Safety: Inspection allows you to identify faulty parts that may pose hazards and replace them before the potential injury occurs. 

  • The Overhead Door’s Life-Expectancy: Commercial garage doors can last for many years. However, neglecting to repair or replace faulty parts can shorten this lifespan. 

  • Minimized Expenses: Tune-ups are usually less costly than door parts repair and replacement. 

Some of the most important steps in the daily maintenance of your commercial overhead door should consist of:

  • Inspect, tune, and lubricate springs 

  • Inspect mounting security of spring fasteners 

  • Inspect and lubricate bearings and rollers 

  • Inspect and tighten hinges 

  • Inspect cables and drums' condition 

  • Inspect track for bends and damages 

  • Inspect and lubricate chain lift 

  • Inspect weather-strip for wear and damage 

  • Inspect the condition of the door sections 

  • Inspect door alignment for proper operation 

  • Inspect component safety labels, positions, and condition 

  • Inspect for compliance with safety, fire, and ADA codes 

  • Disconnect the automatic opener and test the door for smooth operation by hand 

By taking the proper precautions and maintenance of your commercial doors you will save money, and time, and increase the safety of your employees.


If your overhead door is not working properly or if you have any questions, Raynor Door Inc can help you. Contact us today for professional help that you can rely on!

If you need any maintenance or installation of a new overhead door, contact us for a free estimate. Call us at (570) 822-9513 or visits our office at 530 Blackman St. Wilkes-Barre PA, 18702 to learn more.



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