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The Importance of Dock Leveler Maintenance

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Maintenance of all equipment in a facility is crucial, especially on your dock levelers. There are three types of Dock levelers, and they are – Mechanical, air, and hydraulic. Mechanical levelers require the most maintenance followed by air and then hydraulic. It is best to perform small daily tasks to ensure your dock levelers will perform smoothly and they include checking for any dirt or debris that could interrupt the daily function of your leveler. Also, make sure the hinge section of the lip and platform is clean. 

Along with the daily maintenance, it is also recommended that you perform full maintenance on your dock leveler every 90 days (about 3 months).

Full maintenance will consist of:

  • Start by cleaning the pit area; inspect all lip-out mechanisms (pins, lip crank, links, chains, and shackles) and replace any that look worn. 

  • Lubricate the dock leveler with the proper lubricants in all appropriate locations. 

  • Inspect all weather seals (if installed) and replace them if worn or damaged. 

  • Inspect dock bumpers. Four inches of bumper protection is required. Worn, torn, loose, or missing bumpers must be replaced. 

  • Check the condition of concrete, angles, and welds. Repair or replace if necessary. 

  • Inspect structure, hinge pins, clevis pins, and cotter pins for abnormal wear and tear. 

Along with these steps when maintaining your dock leveler, it is also important to follow these extra steps if your company has air or hydraulic dock leveler.

  • Inspect all conduit boxes, control boxes, and electrical connections for damage. Inspect the hydraulic system (cylinders, hoses, fittings, and power units). Repair or replace if worn or damaged. Make sure to check the control box for any evidence of condensation. 

  • With the leveler supported by the maintenance strut, inspect the air tower for damage. For hydraulic dock levelers, check the hydraulic fluid level in the tank. Add fluid if necessary.

  • In addition, every 360 days, make sure to check and tighten the control box mounting hardware on either air or hydraulic-powered units. Retorque all shoulder bolts on units equipped with a Safe-T-Lip. 

Dock Levelers are an expensive investment and just like your company you want them to run as smoothly as possible. The proper maintenance will ensure your dock levelers run smoothly and ensure your warehouse will always be up and running. 


If your dock leveler is not working properly or if you have any questions, Raynor Door Inc can help you. Contact us today for professional help that you can rely on!

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