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Importance of Having Vehicle Restraints on Your Docks

Almost every product's journey starts with a loading dock and ends with one. With this in mind, it is important to take up the best safety measures to ensure you keep your docks up and running. What exactly are vehicle restraints? Vehicle restraints are a product that is attached to your dock area to ensure the vehicle stays in place.

Besides holding your vehicle in place vehicle restraints also stop any trailer separation you may have within your loading dock. There are five different types of trailer separation and they are

  1. Trailer creep or Dock walk - This is when the trailer begins to slowly move away from the loading dock due to a forklift continuously moving back and forth into a trailer. the trailer eventually gets enough separation that a dangerous gap appears and can lead to a dangerous accident.

  2. Early Departure - This occurs when there is a lack of communication between the driver and the warehouse. The driver pulls away from the loading dock before they are supposed to.

  3. Landing gear failure - if you have a weak landing gear this can cause issues for the trailer while loading. With the impact of loading the trailer can collapse to the ground and if it is not secure can tip over causing a possible domino effect on other trailers in the area.

  4. Trailer Upending - This occurs when the first load inside a trailer causes the rear of the trailer to rise vertically away from the dock.

  5. Trailer Pop-up - This occurs when a heavy load is placed in the rear of the truck causing the nose of the trailer to rise up in the air.


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