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Five Reasons to Choose a Hollow Metal Door

Are you looking for a new door for your commercial property? If so you may want to look into getting a hollow metal door for your property. Hollow metal doors have many benefits that show they are the best door to use for your property or business. Hollow metal doors are one of the most common types of doors used in commercial and industrial environments. A hollow metal door is composed of a steel frame that has steel panels laminated to both sides.

Here are five reasons why you should look into getting a hollow metal door:

  1. Durability - Hollow metal doors are built to take a beating. it takes a lot of force to damage the door. These doors also handle all the elements such as rain, snow, frost, and wind. With these doors being extremely durable, they also need little to no maintenance and will last for many years.

  2. Secure - Hollow metal doors are extremely hard to break into due to the metal used to create them. Due to their durability, they also make them extremely secure because they can absorb and dispense any potential force from the impact.

  3. Easy to Use - Hollow metal doors are extremely easy to operate compared to solid metal doors. They are much lighter making it easy to open and close the door. These doors are also able to be propped open to allow going in and out of the entry way easier.

  4. Affordable - Hollow metal doors are an extremely cost-friendly product for the great benefits it offers. Installing a hollow metal door is an easy process that allows the labor cost to install once much cheaper compared to other doors. Also, the door being lightweight allows for easy transportation of these doors.

  5. Attractive - Hollow metal doors are not only good for securing your business they also are very pleasing to the eye. The attractiveness of your business is a very important aspect in relation to your customers. Hollow metal doors are easy to clean and increase the curb appeal of your business.


If your commercial entry door is not working correctly or if you have any questions, Raynor Door Inc can help you. Contact us today for professional help that you can rely on!

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