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Air Powered dock levelers.

Reduce maintenance hassles & downtime

Modernize & enhance the

Loading Dock.

Air-powered dock levelers offer a host of benefits, combining safety, efficiency, and low maintenance. They feature an air-bag lifting system that provides smooth and consistent operation, reducing the risk of injuries and damage to goods during loading and unloading. Their design requires less maintenance than mechanical systems, leading to lower long-term costs. Additionally, air-powered dock levelers are environmentally friendly, as they do not rely on hydraulic fluids that can leak and cause contamination. Their ability to handle various truck heights and weights with ease makes them a versatile and reliable choice for modern loading docks.

Air powered dock leveler

Precision &


The air-powered dock leveler is designed to provide easy push button pneumatic operation along with dependability and strength in light to medium to some heavy duty applications.An air-powered dock leveler offers several advantages, particularly in terms of safety, maintenance, and operational efficiency. Its pneumatic system ensures smooth, controlled movement, reducing the risk of sudden drops and related injuries. This system is known for its reliability and requires less maintenance than mechanical or hydraulic alternatives, as it has fewer moving parts and no risk of oil leaks. Air-powered dock levelers are also environmentally friendly, using clean air to operate. Additionally, they are easy to use, with simple push-button controls, and can handle a wide range of load capacities, making them a versatile choice for various loading dock environments.



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