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The Safety of This Building Must Meet All Levels of Ballistics Fire Power


Government building


The building that we were asked to work on was a government building. Government buildings are designed to be secure and meet certain requirements against ballistic weapons. The building was currently not meeting the necessary requirements to pass. Therefore, we offered them a solution from one of our suppliers, U.S. Bullet Proofing. U.S. Bullet Proofing designs and manufactures doors, windows, and other accessories needed that provide the highest level of bullet, forced entry, etc. Not only do we offer these products, which is a plus for the job but out techs have increased engineering and technical skills for the job that other companies do not possess.


These U.S. Bulletproofing products can withstand the strongest level of blast and ballistics attacks resulting in the perfect solution. Walls and windows need to have a solid structure to withstand certain blasts as well as rounds from small caliber to high caliber/velocity bullets. The Ballistic solutions can meet or exceed ballistic firepower from levels 1-8. The building required a certain level therefore U.S. Bullet Proofing products were the best choice for the job.


After the installation, the building was finally up to par with its standards. Our techs did a fantastic job at installing the products in a timely manner to ensure the building was safe and secure!

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