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Crypto Mine Needs Security Solutions for Their Building


Crypto mining facility


With a facility that is filled with valuable technology a key factor in this job was maintaining safety. A Crypto mine can hold up to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on its size and the equipment that is inside. Therefore, safety and security are a top priority for a crypto-mining building. For the job at hand, we decided to go with a Raynor DuraCoil Rolling Steel Door.


Raynor is one of our top suppliers of both residential and commercial materials. They pride themselves on safety, security, style, and energy saving. Which is why we knew they would be a perfect fit for the needs of this building. Raynor DuraCoil doors come in five different slat types to match the needs of your building, (flat, insulated flat, small contour, large contour, or perforated.) Raynor Duracoil doors allow for quick and easy access with manual sliding locks equipped on the door to ensure your building is secure.


With the plan ready to go we were ready to start installing the Raynor DuraCoil doors on the facility. The results look amazing as we were able to find a style that would match the design of the building. Now the crypto mine is secured and looks good at the same time.

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